Are you looking to get your teenager up and moving?

Tu cherches à faire bouger ton ado ?

Strength, Power, Mobility, Agility, Speed

Force, puissance, mobilité, agilité, vitesse

Find out if the JiM program is right for your teen

Découvrez si notre programme JiM convient à votre adolescent

  • Your teen wants to build strength.

  • Your teen wants to learn how to lift weights safely.

  • Your teen spends hours in front of screens.

  • Your teen lacks confidence in their physical abilities.

    Your teen wants to connect with others.

  • Your teen is not involved in any or little extra curricular activities.

  • Ton ado veut développer sa force

  • Votre adolescent veut apprendre à soulever des poids en toute sécurité.

  • Votre enfant passe des heures devant les écrans.

  • Votre enfant n’a pas confiance en ses capacités physiques.

  • Votre enfant veut se faire de nouveaux amis.

  • Votre adolescent n’est pas impliqué dans des activités extra-scolaires.

Cynthia Fotti

Owner & Founder of CrossFit Rush and Juniors in Motion

Modernization of our world has made life easy and more convenient. This has lead to a much more sedentary lifestyle anchored in prolonged periods of sitting and inactivity. Poor posture, a weak core, stiffness and lack of mobility as well as a lack of coordination are examples of increasingly common observations in our youth.

The Jim program is a foundational program to athletic development. Under the tutelage of world renown youth coach leaders The Brand X Method, our team of professional youth coaches are committed to do what's best for the kids. This means adopting a program that is designed for kids based on their age and physical development.

Give your teen the gift of movement, strength and confidence.

Donnez à votre adolescent le don du mouvement, la force et la confiance.

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